Cost-Effective Police Subscription

Police work is a demanding profession that requires a well-trained professional police officer that conducts themselves appropriately in every situation and represents their agency in the best possible light. As leaders of your agency, you must recognize the stresses that this career demands as well as the dangers, internal and external, that come with the career.

Addressing the entire officer, the mind, the body, and the spirit of your people is not just a good idea, it should be the focus. This on-demand police training subscription does exactly that!

Cost-Effective Police Department Subscription

Self-Paced Individual Police Officer Subscription

Officers now have the power to sign up for additional training courses, driving their career to the next level. With this self-paced option, the officer can now determine their own training schedule.

What You'll Get With The Annual Subscription:

Each month, officers in your department will get access to exclusive content including:

  • Featured On-Demand Training Video
  • Expert Article
  • 2-4 Short Briefing Training Topics
  • Extra Videos and Articles from Gurus
  • Podcasts
  • Live Q&A with Instructors
  • Discount on Police Equipment
  • Discount on Pangaro Training Live In-Person and Remote Classes
  • Access to Previous Months’ Content

Who Benefits:

OFFICER – Better trained officers are happier, more productive, more efficient, provide better police service, and make better people.

AGENCY – This subscription stretches scarce training dollars and provides training to EVERY officer in your agency. Develop better-trained officers who provide better police services and reduce liability with proven training.

COMMUNITY – Properly trained, well-balanced officers provide better police relations and service to their communities.