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Law Enforcement Training

Pangaro Training teaches today’s modern professionals vital skills through courses designed to engage and empower its participants. The goal is to transform training from the tiresome requirement it has too often become into engaging and productive learning through interactive sessions and real-life, role-playing exercises.

Who Benefits:

OFFICER – Better trained officers are happier, more productive, more efficient, provide better police service, and make better people.

AGENCY – This subscription stretches scarce training dollars and provides training to EVERY officer in your agency. Develop better-trained officers who provide better police services and reduce liability with proven training.

COMMUNITY – Properly trained, well-balanced officers provide better police relations and service to their communities.

"Lieutenant Pangaro’s knowledge of the subjects, his hands-on, real-world (work) experience in applying the techniques and concepts along with the passion and conviction with which he presented it was exceptional."

“Concealed Compartments was an amazing class, even for our highly experienced narcotics investigators. No doubt this course has made our entire unit better and more skilled.”

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