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“Pangaro Training was extremely helpful for me, working as a detective interviews and interrogations happen frequently. While working an attempted murder case, I was interrogating the suspect in regards to his involvement. For hours the suspect was denying being involved, I then began to use the technique I learned from Mr. Pangaro. I utilized the “What kind of guy are you?” technique, the suspect had a young child in which he was adamant about being a good father. I asked the suspect whether he wants to be an honest role model for his son or rather be a heartless and emotionless individual. I used the different hand levels to convey the message to the suspect, he then pointed towards my hand for being a role model for his son. At this point the interview began to change towards the suspect revealing the actual truth of what happened. Subsequently the suspect confessed to the attempted murder, the technique taught by Mr. Pangaro was great to use and I will be using in future cases as well.”
Detective Anthony Ramos
Carteret Police Department
"As the former Chief of Police of the Borough of Bay Head NJ, and the Chief Police Instructor, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Pangaro for well over 15 years. During that time I have always found him to be a conscientious, hard-working, and extremely family-oriented individual. He is a dynamic instructor and a highly regarded member of our adjunct training cadre here at the Ocean County Police Academy. His in-service courses of instruction are well known, well attended and skillfully presented to members of the local, county, state and federal law enforcement community."
Chief William J. Dikun
Chief Police Instructor
“I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that Lieutenant Pangaro was very well received by the CT Law Enforcement Community that attended the courses. The content of his presentation was spot-on. Lieutenant Pangaro’s knowledge of the subjects, his hands-on, real-world (work) experience in applying the techniques and concepts along with the passion and conviction with which he presented it was exceptional. He is a very polished and dynamic instructor. In short, we are very happy with him and his work product. We look forward to working with him and your company well into the future.”
William E. Steck
Director Field Services Division – Connecticut Police Academy
"Going from patrol into an Investigative Unit at the Prosecutor’s Office, I felt it was going to be challenging to take statements and also be able to pick up signals that a suspect was lying to me. The Interview and Interrogation course helped me learn how to pick up cues during statements and how to also remain calm during suspect statements bc they can be nerve-wracking when you’re a newbie."
Detective Wendy Gutierrez
Special Victims Unit
"My entire staff and I enjoyed your training tremendously. The guys keep asking to have you back next year. You made the topics, exciting and engaging for the entire staff."
Anna Rimada
Core Facilities Manager, NY/ NJ Port Authority